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Submit and Resolve Copyright Problems

Your Legal Responsibility as a TemplateTrip Author #

As a TemplateTrip author, you can create and license original content to our global customer base. To keep our community safe and respectful, you must follow certain legal requirements when licensing things through TemplateTrip platforms.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you make the proper legal arrangements and agree for your projects to protect yourself and others, including following applicable laws, tax and financial requirements, our user terms and author agreement, and any established guidelines or policies.

These responsibilities centre on respecting and protecting intellectual property (IP) and the labour of others. Intellectual property is a complicated field of law that includes a wide range of topics, including copyright, trademarks, design, and patents.

There are many different forms of intellectual property, but as an author, there are some specific areas that would be particularly relevant to your goods and the assets used within them, so please check the articles listed below:

Copyright #

This provides the author or creator of an original work the sole right to do specific activities with that work. They have the right to select whether or not others can use, adapt, or resell their work, as well as the right to be credited for it. This means that you must verify that your item, as well as anything contained within it. 

Is not stolen from another source unless you have a valid license. This includes any third-party materials, such as photos or typefaces, that are included with your item or its preview and description. You have to make sure that you have appropriately licensed any assets used in your specific items. 

Model and Property Releases #

This is a legal agreement signed by the person (model release) or property owner (property release) of a photograph, video, or other image, authorizing permission to use or deliver the subject in some way or another.

When uploading footage or images that include identifiable people or buildings, you must obtain and attach a signed permission form. You must also keep a copy of the model’s photo ID so that the signature on the model release form can be verified. View an example list of internationally recognized buildings that require a property release, sample releases, and the risks of liability associated with uploading an object without the necessary releases in the Model Release Policy. 

Trademarks & Real-World Products #

  • Trademarks and Real-World Products: A trademark is a full term, word, symbol, or design that is legally registered or developed through use to represent a firm or product. A real-world product refers to a real-world object, such as a car, tablet, or shoe.
  • You may want to use one or both in your items, but this is a complex area of intellectual property, and there are different rules for assets in item previews (these assets are not distributed to your customers; they are only for preview purposes) and assets in item downloads. 
  • You can use trademarked words in your item previews as long as they accurately describe what your item is or how a buyer might use it. Similarly, a logo in your item preview could indicate which platforms your item is compatible with.
  • In most circumstances, a real-world product cannot be the main attraction of an item. This is because TemplateTrip does not provide editorial licenses and you may be infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.
  • View additional information on the rules and exceptions in the Trademark and Real World Product Rules, or delve deeper into the Trademark Guidelines for Item Types, which explains how to use trademarks, logos, and real-world products in your things. 
  • There is much more information about intellectual property, but these are the fundamental elements that you must understand regardless of the type of content you sell or the site where you sell it; these areas apply to all authors. You can also click on the linked articles to learn more about the various topics mentioned above.

What is TemplateTrip’s Role? #

  • When you produce and post your work to our TemplateTrip sites, you (the author) are responsible for the item and any assets contained.
  • TemplateTrip is the platform’s service provider. You, the author, choose which things are uploaded to TemplateTrip Market. We provide platform services; we do not own the items.
  • We may review submitted content for quality purposes, identifying potential violations of our agreements or the rights of others. In this situation, we will contact you to notify you that there is a problem with your item; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that your goods follow the TemplateTrip Terms and the intellectual property rights of others.
  • If we receive complaints concerning the unauthorised use of content inside an author’s item, we may implement the DMCA law following the DMCA process, based on the situation and who filed the claim.
  • We attempt to provide a safe, fair, and equitable environment for customers and authors. Our Integrity team may contact you if there is a complaint about your item or account, or if we believe you have violated any of the TemplateTrip Terms and Policies in some manner.
  • We will constantly try to work with everyone in a fair and community-oriented manner. Unfortunately, we can’t help you by providing legal advice because we are a service provider and not a court of law. For this reason, you must understand your duties while selling through TemplateTrip.
  • By the author’s terms, you are responsible for making sure your works are free of any copyright or other intellectual property issues from beginning to end.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property as TemplateTrip Author #

  • TemplateTrip respects its community and intellectual property, and we want our users to do the same. If you find something on a TemplateTrip site that you believe violates your intellectual property rights, you have multiple options. The DMCA Process will outline your choices if you believe your content is being used on a TemplateTrip site without your consent.
  • If you discover your things are being distributed without your consent outside of TemplateTrip, you may take fast action because you retain control of your items.
  • We’ve produced some resources to assist you with this. Our article on Piracy contains more information on how to avoid piracy of your merchandise and how to respond when it does.