We welcome you to TemplateTrip’s Refund Policy. This policy provides you the set of instructions of what can you expect from a seller when you buy an item from TemplateTrip. We here at TemplateTrip always try to shape a transparent relationship between a customer and seller. TemplateTrip will have 30 days refund policy, the refund will be given from the below mentioned reasons within the period of 30 days only.

Every seller at TemplateTrip is responsible for the item which you buy from them respectively. These rules are set on the basis of customer satisfaction and to make your web trip more pleasant. Apart from these rules certain local and national rules and consumer laws of that location will be applicable to a seller at TemplateTrip. You may not be omitted if these laws apply on you.

Below listed are some situations in which seller will be responsible for refund to customer for an item bought. For more details you can always contact TemplateTrip’s Help Desk. <a href="https://support.templatetrip.com/" target="_blank">support.templatetrip.com</a>

  • When an item is different from its description
  • When an item does not work as it should
  • When an item’s support or extension is not provided
  • When the item’s support extension is not used
  • In case when the refund cannot be agreed
  • Any of your theme related issues, has not been able to fix by technical experts
  • Solving Disagreements

When an item is different from its description

An item is “not as described" if it is substantially dissimilar from the item explanation or broadcast so you should anticipate the seller to be transparent when it comes to the skins and purpose of items. You will be refunded if the item is different from its description.

When an item does not work as it should

You will entitle refund when an item does not work as it should or as broadcasted. It is when you figure out the defect or incompetency at the initial phase. If the seller is not able to drive it properly after updating it you will be refunded back.

If the item has a safety liability

If the item has a safety liability which cannot be easily fixed then you will be refunded. Seller will be asked to fix it, if not you will be credited with refund.

When an item’s support or extension is not provided

If a seller markets their item as including item support and you are not delivered that support in accord with the item; you will be permitted to a refund of your bought support.

When the item’s support extension provided is not used

If you buy an item support extension and appeal a refund of that extension before your current item support perishes you are permitted to a refund of that item support extension.

When an item is unable to be downloaded

If you have not downloaded a bought item in 1 month from the date of buying, you may be entitled for refund. You will be instructed to deliver the seller of that item your acquisition code in order for the seller to confirm your entitlement that you have not downloaded an item. Though we deliberate 1 month is a rational time, dependent on your location, you might have prolonged period to privilege a refund if you have bought for individual use and haven’t downloaded the item.

In case when the refund cannot be agreed

  • If the item is substantially alike to the narrative and showing and works properly, there is normally no requirement to deliver a refund in circumstances like the following:
    • you don’t need it after you’ve downloaded it;
    • the item did not meet your hopes;
    • you merely altered your mind;
    • you purchased an item by fault;
    • you do not have adequate skill to use the item;
    • you ask for generosity; or
    • you can no lengthier entree the item because it has been detached (we instruct you to download items as soon as you have bought them to evade this condition).

Solving Disagreements

If you and an seller can’t come to an arrangement about a refund, you can advance a dispute and have TemplateTrip examine the problem. We will make a verdict based on all obtainable info and you agree that our verdict is concluding.

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