Template Trip is the owner of the products available at the site. However, we can provide you with the license to use the product under different terms and conditions. It is an ongoing license about the use of the templates bought by you.

Creative agencies and freelancers can buy a license on behalf of their clients. However, they must not use the license for multiple clients.

You can purchase the product for a particular site to edit its content. Every website needs a separate license.

Some templates at Template Trip are available with an extended license. You may buy this license to put the template on sale. In this case, you have to know some additional T&Cs.

You can place an order for license bundles to be used for more than one site. We can accept your bulk purchase of licenses. Based on the chosen number of websites, you have to decide on the number of licenses. We combine license bundles to make a single item. Still, we refer to them as multiple licenses.

 For instance, when you have bought a license for 4 websites, you have 4 separate licenses. Each of them is intended for one site. 

What to do and not to do with our template?

You may create a single end-product with our template. You can manipulate and edit the template and combined it with some other works. But, you must ensure that the end-product created by you is relevant to the license. 

We do not permit the re-distribution of templates as a stock. Although you have modified them, you must not do it.

You must use a template for lawful purposes. We request you not to use it directly and indirectly for something, which violates the law. For instance, when the product has someone’s image, you must not use it in a way to reflect a fake identity, personal endorsement, and obscene subjects.

There are some products with intellectual property and trademarks owned by others. The license of these products is based on the editorial usage. You have the liability to focus on these factors while using any product of our site.

Other terms and conditions related to licenses

The license is applicable to other terms of use. When we find any inconsistency, we need to take steps. We can terminate the license in case of any type of violation. We may not send you any type of notice while terminating the license.

Commercial and personal license

You must not remove any backlink to Template Trip in templates. You may use resources for project-based and personal purposes. Moreover, you can customize and modify files based on your needs. You must refrain from sub-license any files on our platform without our consent.

Authors and bloggers

We welcome you to include our work in your articles. However, you must not preview templates and download files from your server.

These are some licensing details available for you. While using our website and buying our product, you must read these terms and conditions.