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Opencart 3.0.x – How to Add New Currency

Add New Currency in OpenCart: #

Accessing Currency Settings in OpenCart Admin: #

  • Log in to your OpenCart Admin Dashboard.
  • Navigate to System > Localisation > Currencies. 

Adding a New Currency: #

  • Click the Add New button.
  • Fill in the required information:

Title: The name of the currency (e.g., Euro).

Code: The three-letter currency code (e.g., EUR).

Symbol Left/Right: Currency symbol placement.

Decimal Places: The number of decimal places to display.

Value: Set the value of the currency in comparison to the default store currency.

1.3. Configuring Currency Options: #

  • Scroll down to configure additional options:

Status: Enable the currency.

Auto Update Exchange Rate: If enabled, OpenCart can automatically update exchange rates using a supported service.

Stores: Select the stores where the currency will be available.

Geo Zones: Optionally, restrict the currency to specific geographical zones.

  • Save the changes.

Conclusion: #

Adding a new currency in OpenCart 3.0.x is a straightforward process and enhances the shopping experience for customers using different currencies. Regularly update exchange rates to ensure accurate pricing for international buyers.

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