We welcome you to TemplateTrip’s Privacy Policy. We are located at TemplateTrip, 4030, Central Bazzar, Varachha Road, Surat, Gujarat-395006, India. This policy also pertains to TemplateTrip’s affiliates. This policy governs how a buyer or a visitor logins to TemplateTrip’s website and/or its affiliate program.

In case of ‘policy’ TemplateTrip is speaking about this privacy policy. ‘Customer terms’ are the terms for the customer who is using the TemplateTrip website. The laws are different of each item and it may change for different items bought.

The kind of individual info we gather:

We gather definite individual info about visitors and users of TemplateTrip website.

The type of information we gather will be username, email address, contact address, phone number, location, payment information, pictures, content, taxation details, comments and information related to transactions. We may require address or identification proofs. In case of job application in our career section, we may accept your resume and other qualification details.

The method of gathering information:

TemplateTrip will gather the information directly when you will provide us when you enter and access our website, through the links or any other amenities scheduled with us. We gather the information when you register with us as a buyer or a seller, when you contact HelpDesk, when submit a query or a feedback, when you participate in our contests or comprehend our surveys.

We might gather your information indirectly via financial transaction, from other social media networking from which you have scrolled into the website page, though this information can be limited in respect with the entities’ privacy settings. We may gather information from the usage of your to nay TeplateTrip’s third party agencies or subsidiary companies.

How we process your personal information:

We process your personal information for you to operate our website, providing you with the services entitled in the website, for payment transactions, attesting your individuality when you login into our website,

  • to resolve your queries or disputes if any,
  • to notify you about the changes in the website,
  • to retain you efficient with the latest news and safety updates,
  • to carry out procedural scrutiny for improvement of the websites and facilities we deliver;
  • to monitor the doings on website,
  • to cope our association with you,
  • to ask for your advice and possibility for any improvement,
  • to partake in our survey,
  • to accomplish our lawful and operative matters,
  • to train TemplateTrip Staff to best serve the civic,
  • to improve our items and services,
  • to provide general organizational and presentation purposes and actions and processing your job request on TemplateTrip.

We can deliver the marketing details of TemplteTrip in the areas/services/items which interests you.

When and Where we disclose your information:

On the events which are required by law or government and at the times of investigation.We disclose your information to our seller from which you have bought an item for further extensions, license validation and technological update.

We also can pass the information to contractors and deal providers who support us in assembly with the customs we use individual info (as agreed above),
in specific:

  • website host suppliers which are situated in India;
  • technical and client provision amenities;
  • staffing activities;
  • selling and analytics amenities;
  • safety and scam inhibition services;
  • subscription amenities;
  • transaction dispensation amenities;
  • ID confirmation amenities;
  • and operative tooling amenities (our service providers may transfer the information if their access is in different country);
  • our expert consultants (barristers, bookkeepers, monetary consultants etc.);
  • managers and administration establishments in linking with our obedience events and responsibilities;
  • a buyer or potential buyer of all or part of our possessions or our commerce, and their expert consultants, in linking with the acquisition;
  • an external agency reply to needs linking to a illegal search or supposed or assumed unlawful action;
  • an external agency, in command to apply or preserve our privileges, or to report monetary or threats;
  • a privileges receptacle in relative to a claim of intelligent possessions breach or any other violation;
  • and other receivers where we are sanctioned or vital by law, or needs by administration, a court of rule, or commandment implementation establishments, to do so.

Where we relocate and/or stock your private info:

We are grounded in India so your statistics will be treated in India. We organize this on the base of your agreement to this plan. In mandate to guard your info, we take care where likely to effort with contractors and facility suppliers who we trust uphold a suitable regular of data safety obedience.

Keeping your private info safe:

We stock private info on protected servers that are coped by us and our service sources, and rarely solid replica records that are kept in a safe location in India. Private info that we stock or transfer is guarded by refuge and admittance panels, with userID and PIN verification, double verification, and record encode where suitable.

Accessing your private info:

You can access some of the private info that we gather about you by signing in to your account. You also have the dead to make an appeal to contact further private info we clamp about you and to appeal alterations of any mistakes in that statistics. You can also remove the account you have with us for any of our TemplateTrip websites at any time. To make any appeal, contact our HelpDesk.

Promotional Selections concerning your private info:

TemplateTrip will send you sales and advertising communication via emails wherever we have your consent about the items and services offered by TemplateTrip. You can unsubscribe at any time from these communications.
You may select the option of selecting or rejecting a cookie from your browser settings, in case of rejecting a cookie, our website may not function properly.

Function of Cookies:

Whenever you enter TemplateTrip our servers will trace some information and will try to pop you or send you the same content when you re-enter the website. The details may include:

  • IP address or proxy server IP address’;
  • domain name you demanded;
  • name of your internet service provider liable on the configuration of your ISP connection;
  • date and time of your visit to the
  • TemplateTrip website;
  • span of your session;
  • pages which you have retrieved;
  • number of times you enter TemplateTrip website within any month;
  • file URL you look at and info connecting to it;
  • website which referred you to TemplateTrip website;
  • operating system which your computer habits;
  • and technical competences of your web browser.

Infrequently, we may use agencies to help us in the process. For example, you may see an advertisement later of our website later, once you exited from it.

Declaration about children:

TemplateTrip website is not suitable for the children under the age of 16 years. If you are below 16 we request you to stop your activity and log out from TemplateTrip. In case if you are between 16 to 18, we request parental/guardian supervision for the usage of TemplateTrip website. Above 18 can register with us.

Info you make civic:

In case when you make your private information public from our TemplateTrip webiste, we cannot manage that data. People may misuse the data and one can suffer from frauds and threats. Please think twice before making your private info public. Please ask the way they process your information before sharing your information or making it public from TemplateTrip website.

Tenure for keeping your Personal Info with TemplateTrip:

We keep your personal information as long as we are providing services to you and the people connected with you. If you want us to erase your information from our website; you may request us and close your TemplateTrip account. We may recall the information from your deleted account in case of our authentic commercial welfares, to obey with the commandment, avoid scam, gather dues, solve arguments, troubleshoot glitches, support with inquiries or appeals by administration, a law court , or law implementation establishments. The info we recall will be held in agreement with this Privacy Policy.

When we will update the Privacy Policy:

This agreement may be updated time to time in accordance with the legislative laws. The updated agreement will be uploaded on the site. We will notify you via email whenever the policy is updated.

Contacting Us:

If you have any queries regarding the procession of your information in TemplateTrip you can contact us at TemplateTrip, 4030, Central Bazzar, Varachha Road, Surat, Gujarat-395006, India or can email us at support@templatetrip.com.
We’re really happy you made it to the end of the privacy policy, because knowing this material is the finest method to comprehend how your individual info is used and how to best cope it!

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