Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting this page before using our website and buying our products. We like to reveal privacy policies of our company to inform how we take care of your data privacy. The privacy policies describe the way in which Template Trip and its affiliates collect, disclose, use, store, transfer, and retain your information. Thus, to navigate through our website, you need to agree to our privacy policies.

Some lawful purpose of collecting your data

We need to process your personal data for a range of purposes. Our company always has a legal reason for processing your data. We use the data on a different basis.

  • Consent- We like to have your unequivocal consent to our data processing activity for any purpose.
  • Legal obligation – In some cases, the law compels us to process the data and disclose it on the right occasions. We may need to reveal it to the Tax Authority, and some other institutions.
  • Contract – Your personal data is highly important when you make a contract with us.
  • Other legitimate interests – Your rights and interests will not prevail over them.

Different ways of collecting your information

Data you provide to our company

While registering for our services, we will ask you to submit your personal information, like-

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Credit and debit card data
  • Contact details

At your own discretion, you can provide some other relevant data, including –

  • Your website name
  • Your skills
  • Your social media profile
  • The data of using our service
  • A brief description of yourself

As you use our platform to find templates and develop a website, our system continuously saves your data.

Template Trip will use your personal details to provide better service, operate the business, and customize our service. We may also use them for authentication and billing purposes. In some cases, we will deliver material based on your given data. Our team makes the best use of data to refine the content and increase the functional value of products and services.

We need to combine third-party analytics information with your personal details. It enables us to create a comprehensive profile of users. Furthermore, your personal data is useful for fraud prevention and for troubleshooting your issues.

Another important thing to notice is that our company never sends you an email to ask for account information. When you find any such details, you have to contact our team directly.

Template Trip never stores your debit and credit card information. However, we may need to use them for a commercially reasonable purpose. We always secure your personal details and financial information. Still, we disclaim liabilities for the loss of data due to any unauthorized access. Thus, you must agree to hold Template Trip not liable for damages caused by using our website.

More reasons for collecting your data

  • Contact you to resolve conflicts and assist you by providing our services
  • Debug to identify errors affecting the consistency of our services
  • Ensure that you agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • Investigate, detect, prevent, recover from frauds, security breaches, illegal activities, and misrepresentations
  • Protect your and our property and rights
  • Verify the safety and quality of our services

Data we collect from third parties and share with them

We work with third parties that may provide some personal details about you. When you access our website using a third-party platform, your information can reach those third parties. Thus, they will pass the information to our team.

Our third-party partners also enable us to get fraud detection information and demographic data. We combine the data with your personal information. For instance, we work with identity verification service providers who may send fraud warnings. We receive your data on and off the platform through different partnerships.

Log file details that we collect

We gather some technical details from our website visitors. The information tracked by our servers are –

  • Time and date of accessing the webpage
  • Internet Protocol address
  • Something that identifies the OS and browser – Time zone and browser language
  • HTTP heads
  • Installed plugins

Template Trip uses these details to check the volume of website traffic. Moreover, we need the data for customer billing. The data is also useful for analytical purposes. For instance, we use it to calculate the number of customers who have designed their sites using our templates and other products.

Finally, the data is valuable to have an analytical view of products offered to our customers.

How long does Template Trip store your information?

In most cases, we keep your data stored only for a reasonable amount of time. Moreover, we need to store it to comply with legal rules. Although you have deactivated and deleted your account, our company can retain some copies of your transactional data and personal information to respond to the legal and governmental request. The data enables us to find fraud cases in the future. However, we ensure that we will never use your data for any illegal purposes.

Cookies and other technologies

When you open our emails and avail of our services, we try to obtain some information with automated technologies, like web server logs, cookies, and web beacons. Cookies are files sent to your PC and any internet-enabled device to identify your browser. Our technologies help us to gather your device details and information about your online activities. They are useful for

  • Tracking your information and preventing your from re-entering it;
  • Tracking and understanding your usage of the website
  • Identifying your interaction with our services and emails;
  • Customizing our services based on your preferences
  • Measuring the effectiveness level of our services

Our third-party service providers have set some of the automated technologies. Your web browser will alert us when we place cookies on your device. You can disable them using your browser settings. But, without these cookies, you cannot make optimal use of our website.

These are all about our privacy policies. However, we can update them at any time. Thus, before visiting other pages of our site, you have to read our privacy policies thoroughly.