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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy outline TemplateTrip’s and its affiliate’s procedures for gathering, disclosing, using, storing, transferring, and keeping your information. Therefore, you must accept our privacy policies in order to use our website. We appreciate you taking the time to read this before using our website TemplateTrip or making a purchase. We like to make our company’s privacy rules public so that you may understand how we handle the privacy of your data.

Some legitimate justifications for data collection

Your personal information must be processed for a variety of reasons. Every time we process your data, it is done for legitimate business reasons. We employ the information in a different way.

  • Consent: We like to get your unambiguous consent before we treat your data for any reason.
  • Legal requirement: In some circumstances, the law obligates us to process the data and reveal it when necessary. We might have to disclose it to the Tax Authority and other organizations.
  • Contract: When you enter into a contract with us, the privacy of your personal information is crucial.

Many techniques for gathering your information
Information you give to our business
We will request personal information from you when you sign up for our services, including:

  • Email address Name
  • Credit and debit card data
  • Contact information

You can optionally offer other pertinent information, such as,

  • Name of your website
  • Your aptitude
  • Your online profile
  • The information from utilizing our service
  • Describe yourself briefly

Our platform continuously stores your data as you use it to select templates and build a website.
Your personal information will be used by TemplateTrip to manage the company, improve customer service, and personalize our offerings. They might also be utilized by us for billing and authentication. In some situations, we will deliver content based on the information you provide. Our staff makes the best use of the data to improve the functionality and content of products and services. Many eCommerce Themes Adverbial For TemplateTrip.
We must mix your personal information with data from third-party analytics. It helps us to compile a thorough user profile. Your personal information is also helpful for preventing fraud and fixing problems.
You should also be aware that our organization will never email you to request your account details.
Your credit card number and debit card number are never saved by TemplateTrip. However, we might have to use them for a legitimate commercial purpose. Your money information and personal information are always secure with us. However, we disclaim all responsibility for any data loss caused by unauthorized access. Thus, you must consent to hold TemplateTrip free from liability for any harm resulting from your use of our website.

More justifications for data collection

Contact you to resolve disputes and offer our services to you
Debug to find issues that interfere with the consistency of our services.
Make sure you concur with our Terms & Conditions.
investigate frauds, security breaches, illegal acts, and misrepresentations; detect them; stop them, and help you recover from them.
Defend the rights and property of you and us.
Check the reliability and caliber of our services.

Information that we obtain from third parties and divulge to them

We collaborate with outside parties who might divulge certain personal information about you. Your information may be accessible to third parties if you use a third-party platform to access our website. They will therefore tell our team with the information.
We can also obtain data on demographics and fraud detection thanks to our third-party partners. We merge the information with your private data. We collaborate with identity verification service providers, for instance, who could issue fraud alerts. We get your information both on and off the site thanks to various agreements.

Details from log files that we gather

We collect some technical information from visitors to our website. Our servers’ informational tracking includes:

  • Date and time of website access
  • Web Protocol address
  • Something that indicates the operating system and browser time zone and language of the browser
  • Web Heads

Put in plugins

These facts are used by TemplateTrip to measure website traffic. We also require the information for client billing. The data can be used for analysis as well. We use it, for example, to figure out how many customers have created websites using our Templates and other items.
Finally, the data is useful for providing a quantitative understanding of the things we offer to our clients.

How long does TemplateTrip hold your information?

Most of the time, we only keep your data on file for as long as necessary. In addition, we must store it to adhere to regulatory requirements. Even though you have deactivated and deleted your account, our business may keep a copy of your personal information and transactional data in order to satisfy any legal or governmental requests. We can identify fraud incidents in the future thanks to the data. We promise, nevertheless, that we will never use your information for anything bad.
Some of the automatic technologies have been set by our third-party service providers. We’ll get a notification from your web browser when we put cookies on your computer. By utilizing the browser’s options, you can turn them off. However, you cannot enjoy our website to its fullest potential without these cookies.
All of these pertain to our privacy policies. We can, however, always update them. As a result, you must carefully read our privacy policies before visiting any other pages on our website.

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