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Opencart 3.0.x – How to add Manufacturers

Add Manufacturers in OpenCart #

Via Admin Dashboard: #

  • Log in to your OpenCart Admin Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Catalog > Manufacturers.
  • Click the “+” icon to add a new manufacturer.


Opencart 3.0.x - How To Add Manufacturers

Adding Manufacturer Details: #

  • Fill in the required information such as the manufacturer’s name, sort order, and image (optional).
  • You can add a description or any additional details about the manufacturer.
  • Save the changes.

Opencart 3.0.x - How To Add Manufacturers

Associating Products with Manufacturers: #

  • After adding manufacturers, associate products with them.
  • Edit a product in Catalog > Products.
  • In the product form, find the Manufacturer field and select the appropriate manufacturer.
  • Save the product.

Opencart 3.0.x - How To Add Manufacturers

Conclusion: #

Adding manufacturers in OpenCart 3.0.x enhances the organization of your product catalogue and helps customers easily identify and navigate products from specific brands. Ensure that you keep manufacturer details up-to-date to provide accurate information to your customers.

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