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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Template Trip! Read the Terms of Use of our website. Thanks for visiting the platform and choosing our services. We request every website visitor to go through the terms and conditions of Template Trip. We think that these T&Cs are highly important to protect you and us from legal issues.

We know that it is not easy to read legal terms and conditions. However, we have done our best to make the content understandable. To learn more about these T&Cs, you may contact our team. ​Our purpose-

We provide products and services that enable our users to develop functional and beautiful websites. You can use our templates to develop business websites, blogs, eCommerce platforms, and several other types of sites.  In this Terms of Use page, we have collectively referred to them as the User Platforms.

Legal Agreement

The Template Trip terms and conditions apply to every feature and service available on our platform. Every user and visitor of our website must follow these terms and conditions. Our terms refer to an enforceable legal agreement between Template Trip and its affiliated businesses. Thus, you have to read this page carefully. Those who do not like to read our page and agree to our T&Cs can leave our website and discontinue using our services.

Unlimited Usage- Definition

We have not set any arbitrary limit on how much resources you can use from your account at Template Trip. Unlimited resource usage will be useful for your personal and business website. However, the term, Unlimited does not indicate that accounts cannot be used for higher web hosting needs.

However, we strictly prohibit our website visitors from reselling our digital resources on this platform.

Termination of services

Template Trip will not provide you with services under different circumstances-

  • Non-payment
  • You have violated our terms and conditions
  • The way you have used our services has interfered with the normal business operations of our company.

We will remove your data from our servers after terminations.

You can request our team to terminate your account at any time by communicating with our customer representatives.

To submit the cancellation request, you have to send the right password and username for the account verification.

We cannot process any invalid cancellation request. You will be liable for service fees charged for the failure to cancel the account. We cannot refund the amount for services for which you have paid a one-time monthly fee.

Modification of terms and conditions

We have the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time without sending your prior notice. Thus, we request you to read this page before using our site and buying our platform.

Other prohibited actions

Template Trip prevents the use of any spam email and unsolicited commercial email to promote services and products. A user involved in the delivery of Spam email through our platform and network will face penalty due to the breach of the agreement. Moreover, we will suspend his account and stop him from using our services.

The following behaviors and content are always prohibited by our team.

  • Content containing links to pornography, nudity, adult content, and any materials related to foul language
  • Content that hacks information and promote piracy related data for any purpose
  • Content promoted with the delivery of Spam and fraud schemes
  • The delivery of bulk email from our servers to some unknown recipients
  • Grossly offensive content with prejudice, bigotry, racism, and hatred
  • Content harmful for kids under 18.
  • Content promoting and selling unlawful products and services
  • Content violating and infringing patent, copyright, trademark, trade name, and intellectual properties of third parties
  • Content disclosing and posting any private information and PII about third parties without consent.
  • Content promoting mail fraud and dealing with multi-level marketing of fraudulent actions

Limitation of liabilities

You can use Template Trip at your own risk. Template Trip does not represent and warranty any type of services and products. Moreover, Template Trip and its team are not liable for injury, damages, and economic loss caused by the use of our service and content.

Template Trip, its directors, officers, owners, employees and agents will not be responsible to website visitors and customers who have incurred loss for using our services.

In any circumstance, Template Trip will not be held responsible for damages caused by potentially illegal website content.


You must acknowledge and indemnify that Template Trip, its affiliates, employees, and sponsors are harmless when there is any loss and damage caused by using our website. We will not be liable for paying legal fees and fines due to the breach of the agreement.

You must also agree to

  • Comply with applicable legal rules and contractual terms that govern the use of our website
  • Be liable with respect to the website usage and any User Content (including the effects of importing, accessing, uploading, and copying the User Content)
  • Save your User Content regularly and back up the information processed by you
  • Receive promotional materials and messages occasionally from Template Trip and its partners via email and mail

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