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Please go through the following Terms and Conditions. Your any purchase will hereby will be bounded by these and will reflect your acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.

Category of Licence

TemplateTrip will provide you the general license to use the web templates and other products vended through TemplateTrip by independent sellers in accordance with these Terms and Consitions.TemplateTrip will provide buyer’s license for the buyers to purachase any item from TemplateTrip and will provide seller’s license to independent sellers to sell their items on TemplateTrip.
All the rights will be reserved by TemplateTrip solely.Their terms and conditions are in the Buyer-Seller Section.


You can make necessary modifications to our products bought to fit in your system, TemplateTrip will acknowledge the license and will note the level of modification in this case.

Unofficial Usage

You cannot use any item from TemplateTrip in the form of any other digital materials such as USB Storage, CD, website etc. altered or unaltered. You need to have buyer’s license for the same from TemplateTrip.


You cannot assign or transmit any of the item to other organisation or person without the consent of TemplateTrip.


You cannot use any item from TemplateTrip in the form of any other digital materials such as USB Storage, CD, website etc. altered or unaltered. You need to have buyer’s license for the same from TemplateTrip.

In case of Treachery

In some cases of treachery in TemplateTrip’s transactions, a thorough check in TemplateTrip’s servers may take place, which can last for half an hour and may last longer for serious investigations. Check may occur due to fraud transactions in the servers of TemplateTrip.

Third-party Agencies

We may allow third party agencies or service providers from which you may buy items. It is not in our control on what items they may provide. Sellers are solely responsible for that. Sellers are responsible for all of an item/s dispensation, execution and buyer’s service.

We are not an entity to the transactions invaded into between buyer and seller. You approve that use of or buying from such Sellers is at your own risk and is without guarantees of any kind by TemplateTrip, articulated, disguised or then with guarantees of name, suitability for drive, dealership or non-violation.

Under no conditions we TemplateTrip is accountable for any compensations ascending from the transactions between you and sellers or for any info seeming on seller website or any other site connected to TemplateTrip.

Fixings and Set-ups

TemplateTrip will not provide any free installations of the items bought. Installation cost shall be paid by buyer.


Buying from TemplateTrip will require you to register with us. In this process you are supposed to provide us with complete registration and buying details of the product you choose to buy. Your registration will be for the personal use, TemplateTrip will not allow any other individual using your registration, if it registration is accessed by more than one individual; for this only the person registered will be responsible for the un-authorized use.

Templatrip will only have the right to accept or reject your registration; it can also terminate your registration for any reason if it seems unethical.

If Product buying with promotional coupons or whole payment done by promotional coupons then Templatetrip not providing support for particular product.

Items from Sellers

Items from individual sellers may appear on Teplatetrip’s website via individual hyperlinks. TemplateTrip will not be responsible to any Third party content which may appear on the TemplateTrip’s website or may be accessible via hyperlinks from the TemplateTrip’s website . We are not responsible for and assume no liability for any errors, misstatements of rule, offense, oversights, untruth, vulgarity, pornography or blasphemy in the declarations, views, illustrations or any other form of material on the TemplateTrip’s website. You comprehend that the info and views in the third entity items signify only the opinions of the seller and is neither recognized by nor does it essentially reproduce our trust.

Illegal Action

We standby the right to examine grievances or stated defilements of this Contract and to gross any deed we think suitable, counting but not partial to broadcasting any alleged illegal action to law implementation bureaucrats, controllers, or other third entities and revealing any info essential or suitable to such individuals or units involving to your summary, email addresses, usage history, posted materials, IP addresses and traffic info.

Control of Accountability

TemplateTrip and the Affiliated entity will not be accountable for any damage, grievance, privilege, obligation, or impairment of any kind resultant in any way from any mistakes in or oversights from TemplateTrip’s website or any services or items accessible from; the inaccessibility or break of the TemplateTrip website or any structures of it,your usage of the TemplateTrip website, the material confined on the TemplateTrip website or any postponement or botch in performance outside the control of the entity.

Mistakes,Alterations and Variations

TemplateTrip do not signify or permit that the TemplateTrip’s website will be mistake free, free of bugs or other damaging constituents, or that faults will be modified. We do not signify or permit that the info obtainable on or through the TemplateTrip’s website will be precise, exact, appropriate or then dependable. TemplateTrip may brand variations to the structures, utility or material of the TemplateTrip website at any time. It will the sole discretion of TemplateTrip to remove or edit any document, info or content from the TemplateTrip’s website.

Info Reveal

You shall not reveal any purchase info with, but not restricted to, Purchase Identification Code, downloadable links, etc.

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