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It is absolutely free to be a seller here on TemplateTrip. You need to sign up as a seller on our website. Submit necessary information and you can be a seller.

Why Templatetrip?

Think about the possibility to create an online platform, where many people can create their own store. A page for each person, where anyone can publish their own items and put them on sale, with the advantage to display them also all together and benefit of visibility provided by customers of other shops. An idea similar to that of a shopping centre, a place where shoppers have each their own space and where customer’s come, because attracted by the many shops and by a wide selection of products, where they can go and get whatever they want, all in the same place. If you want to become a vendor and sell a unique product, you can learn to get the proper documents to make it legal, grow your business and expand into a successful vending operation.

What We are Offering?

TemplateTrip offer’s two types of seller’s i.e Exclusive and Non Exclusive Seller.  As a seller on TemplateTrip, you have the option to offer your things in an exclusive or even non-exclusive basis on TemplateTrip. If you decide to offer your things in a private basis, then you will gain from reduced writer fees, however this indicates that you can't market, sell, or perhaps give away free of your things (or some other related items) out of TemplateTrip.

If you want to generate a few of your things available in an exclusive basis, along with others on a non-exclusive basis, then you can create two accounts – one for exclusive and another for non-exclusive. You can change the exclusivity status of an account at any time, but when opting out you will need to wait 30 days until the change takes effect. At the end of the 30 day period (from the day on which you change your account status), you will be free to offer the items in that account outside of TemplateTrip and the author fee you pay to TemplateTrip will change to the non-exclusive rate. Opting into exclusivity takes effect immediately.

Seller Fees

Seller fees will be deducted from the total fees you earn after selling your item on TemplateTrip. Seller fees are the fees we charge to the seller to sell an item on TemplateTrip and the support which we provide to sell it. Seller fees are within our discretion and are subject to change accordingly. The changes will be uploaded on our website You are allowed to set the prices of your item. The decision for the sale price of your item should be independent and should not be discussed with TemplateTrip.

Approval and Rejection

We here at TemplateTrip follow rules to review your item. We hold the final verdict for allowing the item to be sold or not. Though we will send an email to you providing you with the reason for rejection. Feedback will be given for certain cases. You cannot put your own terms on TemplateTrip, any terms imposed by you on TemplateTrip will be rejected. We can also terminate your seller license in this instance.

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Our Payment Method and its Structure

  • We pay according to our fees structure explained above, you may require to submit necessary bank details and documents for the same. We can use any other sub-templatetrip company for the management of payments. We will make payments to you after the certain limited amount or regarding your previous sales. You can contact the help desk for the same.
  • You can ask TemplateTrip to provide your monthly payment by selecting an appropriate payment method. The earnings should not be less than a certain limit and We may charge you extra cost incurred by the payment method selected by you.
  • If a buyer wants a refund or cancels the item, we may automatically debit the amount from your account. If TemplateTrip decides to refund a buyer in case of unavoidable circumstances or crucial issues, an amount will be deducted from your account directly.
  • We may hold your payment if you fail to provide correct bank details if your contact number and address is not reachable or you ask to make us the payment to any prohibited country, institution or person.
  • Sometimes to facilitate sales, we may negotiate with you for plenty of bulk items. You being a seller should be prepared for this occasion. You can deny at any point.
  • We may remove your item for any real reason if we find it inappropriate for our buyers. We may provide you with the buyer’s personal information for the lucid payment transaction. You have to keep it confidential.
  • TemplateTrip will not bear any currency conversion charges. We will provide the earnings in INR, conversation charges to your country’s currency shall be incurred by the seller. We may hold your earnings if we find that your item is not abiding by our terms and privacy policy. We will transfer your earing after the issue’s salvation.
  • You may have to pay the relevant taxes being a seller on TemplateTrip. You must ensure that the item sold on TemplateTrip is free from any viruses and should not cause damage to TemplateTrip. It should not destroy the functionality of the buyer’s or TemplateTrip’s hardware or software.
  • As a seller, you will not sell Non- TemplateTrip items to buyers and not buy your own items. We may use your item for promotional and marketing purpose of TemplateTrip. No additional remuneration will be provided to a seller in this case.
  • There is no connection between you and TemplateTrip as a joint venture or partner. We will only provide you with the service to sell your items.

What are you waiting for?

We greet you and thank you! To read and abode to our terms. We wish you all the best for your new selling process as a seller on TemplateTrip. We suggest you now to sign up as a seller on our website. We suggest you now to sign up as a seller on our website.