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Finecrafts – Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme

by TemplateTrip
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Finecrafts - Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme Exclusive
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Elevate your home decor store with Finecrafts – Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme. Its modern design, powerful features, and seamless user experience will captivate your customers. Highlight featured, new, special, and best-selling products with eye-catching blocks. Engage customers with visually highlighted labels and enable product comparison. Create an exceptional online shopping experience with Finecrafts.

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Introducing Finecrafts – Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme, a visually stunning and feature-rich theme designed to elevate your online home decor store to new heights. With its modern and elegant design, Finecrafts offers a seamless user experience that captivates your visitors and entices them to explore your collection of exquisite products. Finecrafts comes equipped with an array of powerful features that enhance your store’s presentation and drive sales. One of its standout features is the eye-catching “Featured Products” block. Display your most coveted items prominently on the homepage, grabbing the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to discover more. This curated selection highlights your best offerings and helps you showcase the unique style and quality that sets your store apart.

Keeping your inventory fresh and exciting is crucial, and Finecrafts understands that. With the “New Products” block, you can effortlessly showcase your latest additions to the collection. This dynamic section ensures that your customers are always up to date with your newest arrivals, stimulating their curiosity and fostering a sense of exclusivity. To promote special promotions and limited-time offers, Finecrafts provides a dedicated “Special Products” block. Use this feature to highlight discounted or seasonal items, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to take advantage of these exclusive deals. The visually appealing layout and attention-grabbing labels make it easy for visitors to identify these special products, increasing their desirability and conversion rates.

Understanding the importance of social proof, Finecrafts incorporates a “Best Seller Products” block into the theme. This section displays your top-selling items, giving customers confidence in their purchase decisions. By showcasing your best sellers, you leverage the power of popularity and social validation, instilling trust and prompting visitors to make a purchase. Finecrafts also offers a unique and visually appealing product comparison feature. This functionality allows customers to compare multiple products side by side, making informed decisions based on key features, specifications, and prices. By offering this convenient tool, you empower your customers to evaluate options and choose the perfect home decor pieces that meet their specific needs.

To further enhance the user experience, Finecrafts incorporates visually highlighted product labels. These labels, including “Best Seller,” “Featured,” “New,” and “Special,” provide instant recognition and add a touch of exclusivity to selected products. They catch the eye, creating a sense of importance and helping customers navigate through your store with ease. Lastly, Finecrafts includes a sleek and engaging product slider feature. This dynamic element allows you to showcase multiple products in a visually appealing carousel format. With smooth transitions and customizable settings, the product slider adds a touch of interactivity and captivates visitors, enticing them to explore more of your captivating home decor offerings.

In summary, Finecrafts – Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme combines elegant design, powerful features, and intuitive functionality to create an exceptional online shopping experience. With attention-grabbing blocks for featured, new, special, and best-selling products, a product comparison feature, visually highlighted product labels, and a captivating product slider, Finecrafts empowers you to present your home decor collection in the most enticing and effective way possible.

Top Features

  • No Code Skills Required
  • 100+ Options and Variations
  • Blog Post Format Designs
  • OWL carousel with Lazy load
  • Custom Post Types (Testimonials, Our Brands)
  • Powerful Theme Options (quick install demo, with theme-options)
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom-Label on Products
  • Google Fonts
  • RTL Supports
  • Smart Grid + Responsive
  • Best Customer support
  • Multi-Language/Currencies
  • Sticky Menu
  • Horizontal/Vertical Menu
  • Multiple Header Style
  • Ajax: Cart, Wishlist, Compare
  • 3 Product/Hover Styles
  • Add Social Links
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Product Inner Zoom
  • Product Rollover
  • Search Categorywise
  • Custom CSS on Admin
  • Footer Columns Settings
  • Pre-defined header styles
  • Custom color scheme

Design Features

  • Custom Background Design with Image/color Options
  • Number of Columns (left-column, right-column and left & right both columns)
  • Page Layout (full-width, with left-column, with right-column or both column)
  • Static Content
  • Effects & Transitions (with animations)
  • Advanced Parallax Scrolling
  • Zoom Effect (rollover & easy-zoom)
  • Static Blocks
  • Newsletter Subscription Block in Footer

Navigation Options

  • Grid or List View
  • One Page Checkout / Standard 5 Step Checkout
  • Quick View Product
  • Ajax Search Block
  • Sticky Shopping Cart
  • Drop-down Mega-Menu (Image Banner Option + product options)
  • Horizontal Menu and Sticky Menu

Technology Included

  • Support RTL Language
  • Bootstrap – sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework
  • Google Rich Snippets Integration
  • Integrated with Google Web Fonts
  • modern and future proof HTML5 markup and CSS3 styling
  • Includes the Material Icons set, fully integrated
  • Lazy Load Effect – Images are loaded only when in the viewport
  • Eye-catching and Visually Impressive Retina-ready Theme

Basic Features

  • Fully Ajax Cart
  • Contact Form
  • Featured Products on Homepage
  • Manufacturer / Brand Slider
  • Featured, New, Special and Best Seller products Block
  • Product Comparison Feature
  • Visually highlighted Product Labels
  • Best Seller, Featured, New and Special products Slider
  • Product Wishlist
  • Social Blocks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Social Share Buttons

Additional Features

  • Custom Slideshow
  • Extra Product Fields with Product Variation options on Product Details Page
  • Full-Width Slider
  • Product Image Rollover
  • Impressive Popup Add to Cart
  • Popup Quick View with Product Gallery Images and Product Variation Options
  • Cross-Selling Products
  • Beautifully Designed Product Comments
  • Cross-Selling Products


  • For easy to install theme we have included theme-installer and step-by-step detailed documentation (in English)
  • Still, it is not done perfectly; please feel free to contact the support team at
  • All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not usable without their respective owners permission.

Support System

  • Our technical experts are continuously online to help you to make your store dream-store.
  • All of your requests and issues will be processed by our experts within 24-48 hours max.

4.91 Customer Rating


33 reviews for Finecrafts – Home Decor Shopify Responsive Theme

  1. Gavin Poirier

    The integration of SEO practices into the theme has had a positive impact on my store’s visibility. A great choice for those seeking to improve their online presence.

  2. Taylor Lachance

    The responsive design of Templatetrip’s Shopify theme is excellent. It effortlessly adapts to different screen sizes, providing a uniform experience.

  3. Lauren Bédard

    The in-built blog feature of the theme is a game-changer. It’s a great way to engage with customers and has significantly boosted my SEO efforts.

  4. Olivia Giroux

    The quick view feature in this theme has increased the conversion rate in my store. It’s a small detail, but it has had a significant impact.

  5. Natalie Pelletier

    The ability to showcase customer reviews on product pages has been invaluable. It has instilled trust in my brand and increased sales.

  6. Amber Roy

    The best part of Templatetrip’s Shopify theme is the variety of design layouts it offers. This flexibility allowed me to choose what fits my brand the best.

  7. Claire Côté

    The design has significantly enhanced the look and feel of my store. It’s clean, professional, and offers a great user experience.

  8. Wendy Fournier

    The integration of social media links in the theme has helped me expand my store’s reach. It’s a simple but powerful feature.

  9. Felix Lefebvre

    Templatetrip’s Shopify theme has added a fresh, modern appeal to my store. The customer feedback has been positive, and my sales have seen a significant boost.

  10. Victoria Parent

    This theme is highly adaptive, whether you sell one type of product or have a vast inventory. The customizable sections provide the flexibility to showcase products effectively.

  11. Katherine Dubois

    Templatetrip’s Shopify theme is beautifully crafted with an attention to detail. It adds a level of sophistication and professionalism to my e-commerce store.

  12. Destiny Beauchamp

    The ease of customization in Templatetrip’s Shopify theme is commendable. The overall design is modern, intuitive, and responsive across various devices.

  13. Quinn Deschamps

    This theme is designed with the user in mind. Its simple navigation and efficient search functions have streamlined the shopping process for my customers.

  14. Ian Richard

    Aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient, this theme by Templatetrip was the missing piece in my e-commerce strategy. Its impact on my sales has been noticeable.

  15. Jason Fournier

    This theme by Templatetrip is visually appealing, and the customization options are user-friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to spruce up their Shopify store.

  16. Jessica Lambert

    The efficient customer support team of Templatetrip has made my experience with their Shopify theme even better. Their timely assistance is praiseworthy.

  17. Rachel Gagnon

    Templatetrip’s theme has noticeably increased the browsing time on my site. The logical layout and engaging visuals have made shopping more enjoyable for my customers.

  18. Savannah Bélisle

    From setting up to customization, every step with this theme has been a breeze. It’s a fantastic choice for beginners and seasoned store owners alike.

  19. Paige Bergeron

    The theme’s seamless integration with various payment gateways has made transactions smoother. It’s a feature that my customers appreciate.

  20. Isla Mercier

    The product filters in this theme are quite comprehensive and intuitive, which has improved my customers’ shopping experience.

  21. Mia Lefebvre

    The live preview option in this theme is excellent. It helps visualize changes before implementing them, which is quite handy for a perfectionist like me.

  22. Zoe Lévesque

    Templatetrip’s Shopify theme has made managing my e-commerce store effortless. Its fluid navigation and intuitive design elements lead to a significant increase in customer engagement.

  23. Gabriella Beaulieu

    The color schemes available in the theme are versatile and elegant. They helped me maintain consistency with my brand image.

  24. Harper Gagné

    I love how Templatetrip’s theme focuses on mobile responsiveness. With a majority of customers shopping from mobile devices, this theme ensures they get the best experience.

  25. Hayden Lacroix

    It’s a theme that grows with your business. As my inventory expanded, I found the additional customization features incredibly useful.

  26. Faith Martin

    This theme comes with a detailed documentation, which made setting up and customizing the theme much easier than expected.

  27. Elizabeth St-Pierre

    The theme’s design creates a visual hierarchy that guides visitors through the products naturally, which has resulted in an increase in my sales.

  28. Bethany Beaudry

    I am impressed with the versatility and scalability of this theme. It accommodates both small businesses and larger enterprises effectively.

  29. Kevin Bédard

    One of the best themes I’ve encountered so far. Templatetrip’s Shopify theme integrates seamlessly with my store, and the customer support is impressive.

  30. Danielle Lévesque

    The ability to include videos in product pages is a great feature of this theme. It’s an effective way to showcase products and engage customers.

  31. Chloe Dupuis

    Templatetrip’s Shopify theme has a robust architecture that can handle heavy traffic without compromising the site speed. My website’s performance has improved significantly.

  32. Evan St-Pierre

    This theme has transformed my store from a simple site into an engaging shopping destination. The dynamic sections feature allowed me to highlight the unique aspects of my business.

  33. Dylan Boucher

    The in-built newsletter subscription feature in the theme is fantastic. It has helped me build a strong subscriber base and maintain customer relationships.

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