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Top Best Trending Marketplace to Sell Your Website Templates


Are you looking to sell your website templates and make some big sales? Explore the world of online trending marketplaces, where designers, developers and entrepreneurs can buy and sell digital products. Whether you are an established professional or just starting, these platforms provide you.

With a competitive marketplace to showcase your capabilities and reach a vast audience. From modern and stylish layouts to niche-specific templates, there’s a platform for every style and target audience. So get ready to explore the hottest markets where your website templates can shine and attract happy customers.

Finding the right place to sell your website templates is important to success in the wider global industry. Imagine a busy virtual marketplace filled with designers, developers and entrepreneurs looking for the perfect digital asset to enhance their online presence. These markets are more than simple platforms; They are active communities that foster creativity and innovation.

With so many options available, each with its distinct features and attributes, through these environments feels like starting on an exciting adventure. From the smooth authority of commercial corporations to the specialized niches catering to specific industries, there’s a marketplace out there that’s ideal for showcasing your creations and connecting you with potential customers.

Here are some examples of the Best Trending Marketplace so now let’s start understanding them.

Best Trending Marketplace to Sell Your Website Templates

1. TemplateTrip Marketplace



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TemplateTrip is a popular marketplace where you can promote and sell your online website templates to millions of potential customers. Whether you specialize in Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Open Cart, Big Commerce, HTML, or UI templates, TemplateTrip gives you the tools you need to transform your ideas into possible businesses.

Why should you consider selling your creations on the TemplateTrip Marketplace? Here’s why.

TemplateTrip Marketplace


More Money in Your Pocket

  • You worked hard on those themes and deserve more!
  • Unlike other marketplaces that take a big chunk of your earnings (30-60%).
  • TemplateTrip keeps things fair.
  • We only take a 20% commission or less for selected authors who do well!
  • It means more than 80% of every sale goes straight to you! 

Sell to the Global Countries

  • Reach an important audience ready for premium templates. 
  • With the help of TemplateTrip, you may access an international customer base and boost sales.

Effortless Theme Management

  • Uploading, updating, and promoting your themes is a breeze on TemplateTrip Marketplace. 
  • Our easy-to-use platform saves you time and lets you focus on what you do best – creating amazing templates!

Customer Support

  • Need help with anything? Our friendly customer support team is always available to help with queries and fix all issues. 
  • Your success is our priority!

TemplateTrip Marketplace vs. Other Marketplaces


Feature TemplateTrip Marketplace Other Marketplaces
Your Profit More than 80-90% Just 40-70%
Our Commission Low – Only 10-20% High – Up to 60%
Support Always There to Help Limited or Slow
Selling Your Themes Easy & Fast Overloaded Or Can Be Complicated

Join the TemplateTrip Marketplace Revolution!

2. Theme Forest (Envato market)

Theme Forest


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Theme Forest is the next platform that provides high-quality templates made by programmers to its customers. Customers may purchase things that fall under various categories:

  • WordPress Motives
  • CMS and e-commerce website templates.
  • Landing pages, newsletters, and marketing templates
  • Themes and templates for bloggers.
  • Audio and Video Templates
  • Graphic design, images, and 3D models.

Creators who want to become Envato Authors must register and create an account on Envato Market. According to the chosen market, they will be relocated to the appropriate desktop. The next step is to set up the account, which may be done by providing information about the author/company or adding photographs. The account must be validated; there is an identification check involved.

3. TemplateMonster



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The TemplateMonster was founded in 2002. The company has only one goal: to provide clients with the greatest quality internet website templates. For this reason, the company works with expert programmers and designers. The ready-made items are unique; they can be customized in terms of look, content, and functionality.

There are multiple types of items available:

  • Ecommerce templates (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento)
  • Templates with drag and drop creator.
  • CMS templates (Joomla, MotoCMS3, Drupal)
  • WordPress motivations and plug-ins
  • Graphic templates
  • Audio and video
  • Presentations

4. Creative Market

Creative Market


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The Creative Market includes creators from over 190 nations around the world. This market has resulted in the creation of almost 4 million projects. These projects can be browsed and purchased by customers. Among the major categories are:

  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Templates (for social media, websites, presentations, mockups, and more)
  • Add-ons for Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Pictures and three-dimensional models.

Creative Market encourages artists to join the club of retainers. After selecting the “Open shop” tab, the forms appear to fill up the details, such as

  • Name and Surname
  • The primary category of sales activities
  • Link to the portfolio.
  • Information about the products’ current online availability.

5. Codester



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Codester is an online marketplace that provides templates for creating websites and mobile applications. Experienced programmers are in charge of the available projects. Among the major product categories are:

  • Scripts and codes (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, etc.)
  • Motives and WordPress Plug-Ins
  • Applications Templates
  • Graphics (icons, logotypes, mockups, etc.)

The Codester retailers may expect to collect 70% of the commission for each project sold. They have complete control over product pricing and can offer projects on a wide range of marketplaces. There is an online forum where members can engage in professional discussions.

6. 99designs



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It is a platform that links independent designers to customers. 99design’s operating techniques differ significantly from those of other marketplaces. In this instance, ready-made templates are not waiting to be purchased by anyone. Customers browse the website to find a creator to work with on their projects. Customers are responsible for establishing project standards and budgets. Then the client can select the best project that fits all of the objectives. In this manner, the customer chooses which project receives the payment.

  • Templates
  • Graphic templates
  • Audio and video
  • Presentations

In addition to active involvement with multiple contests, designers can begin working directly with clients. With this system, every freelancer has more discretion in determining costs and selecting clients. To become a 99designe author, you must register and go through the verification process.

7. BootstrapBay



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BootstrapBay is a marketplace for Bootstrap themes and templates. It includes a range of high-quality themes built on the Bootstrap framework that are ideal for web developers and designers.

  • Ecommerce templates for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento
  • Drag-and-drop templates for easy customization
  • CMS templates for Joomla, MotoCMS3, and Drupal
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • Graphic templates
  • Audio and video templates
  • Presentation templates

BootstrapBay aims to address the different needs of web developers and designers by providing them with the tools they require to create amazing websites and projects.

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The Final Conclusion

The world of website template marketplaces is dynamic and ever-changing, with numerous chances for both experienced developers and newbies. While each platform has its own set of capabilities and features, it’s important to select the one that best fits your objectives, tastes, and target demographic.

Consider the marketplace’s user base, commission rates, simplicity of use, customization possibilities, and customer service. Furthermore, keep an eye out for future trends and technical breakthroughs to stay ahead of the competition while improving your chances of success.

Whether you use a well-established site like ThemeForest or newer alternatives like Creative Market or TemplateMonster, the objective is to create high-quality, visually appealing templates that meet the demands and preferences of your target audience.