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If you are planning to sell some products and services, crafting an online store will be a fruitful decision. It will provide you with recognition and play a pivotal role in building the customer base. To be precise, the exposure of your services and products will get a boost. The best part is it will be a cost-effective decision that you can accomplish within a specific time. So, if you want to take our suggestion, we would suggest you go for the Latest(modern) BigCommere themes. It doesn’t matter if you are coming up with a big project; BigCommerce store will handle it all. 
How will you create a fully responsive website with the help of BigCommerce templates?
If you build a website with the aid of the BigCommerce framework, it will boost the process of your business launch. The primary thing that you have to do is to perceive the niche of your web store. Plus, you have to make sure that you have profound knowledge of your competitors. To accomplish that, you have to conduct some research. It will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Besides, you have to determine the unique features of your web page so that you don’t get drowned in the sea of competitors.

Once you fathom the idea of your web store, it is time to choose the theme. You have to be quite precise about it. Well, you can visit the TemplateMonster Gallery and select the theme that goes best with your niche. Maybe, you will not get your niche-specific theme. In that case, you can download ready-made e-Commerce, which will help you customize your theme. 

If you opt for a premium e-commerce theme from TemplateMonster, you will get free 24/7 customer support. They will provide you with step-by-step instructions so that you can launch your e-commerce project without any hassle.
What are the features of Premium BigCommerce Themes?
 If you look at the BigCommerce templates, you will find out that they are perfect for boosting your online sales. You can consider them to be full-fledged solutions. These templates encompass modification options along with the imperative set of tools. With the help of these tools and modifications, you can craft an attractive website, which will enhance the reputation of your brand. So, here is the list of the features that BigCommerce Themes have to offer. Fully responsive, minimal, and other features include in the premium bigcommerce template and even customization options are available. Every premium theme design must be clean, minimal, and optimized. BigCommerce multipurpose theme that can be used for all kinds of different online stores. Looking for
Mobile friendly
The designs are pretty responsive. Be it a tablet, a desktop, or a mobile. They are compatible with all types of screens. 
The contents of our site will be sharp and easy to navigate.
Cross-browser compatibility
The themes are harmonious with all types of browsers, including mobile browsers. It will save you from testing.
SEO Readiness
This feature will promote your data in the search engines.
Theme Style Editor
The best part about the theme-style editor is that it is user-friendly. You can use it without any complications.
Compatibility and integration
These themes are compatible with the page-width sliders, which will showcase your side’s recent offers and products.
Social Media Widgets
It will improve your social media engagement, which is imperative for online websites.
Advanced search
The advanced search feature will help the visitors to find their preferred product effortlessly.
Mega Menu
It is one of the exciting features. It is editable, and you can use it for navigation purposes.
Card-like Layout
There will be a card-like layout on the homepage that will exhibit the latest offers and sales.
A full-width Carousel
You will get this feature on the homepage, which will display the offers and product promotions.
Blog Section
It is one of the most critical sections of a website. It will help you get in touch with your audiences better and establish a connection with them.
Why should you choose BigCommerce Theme?
BigCommerce Themes will provide you with the best quality templates. They have skilled web designers that are responsible for crafting attractive designs. Plus, you will get 24/7 customer support from them.
Are BigCommerce responsive themes good enough?
They are convenient options when it comes to e-commerce. You can modify them according to your preference and make them unique. Also, this responsive device will deliver you the best mobile experience. 
How to customize the template design?

Use a page builder.
Go to the storefront menu.
Select My Themes and Customization.
It will open the page builder, where you can modify the design.

What is the process of choosing the best sign design?
You will get multiple options such as tags, topics, features, color schemes, price, style, and other things in the left panel. In case a product doesn’t match your criteria, it will filter the product. Use the live demo feature to find out how the template looks.
What should you know about BigCommerce Premium Templates?
Stencil is nothing but the theme engine that BigCommerce uses. Its templates are compatible with the page builder. If you are not familiar with coding, Stencil can be a valuable tool for you.