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Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes For Blog

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes For Blog

WordPress websites are one of the most common sites that are currently on the internet. These websites are run by countless numbers of members. And includes highly trending categories like News on Magazines, Bussiness websites. One of the most important features of the WordPress sites is their themes. Their extensively beautiful and customizable themes. Some WordPress themes are mostly Google’s adsense and seo optimized. That means the ads go in the right place without affecting the layout. Plus these optimized themes do help the site gets tons of traffic.

Some might not believe it, but its true. Themes sometimes do determine the SEO outcomes. Along with the rankings. IF you are a WordPress website owner, you might wanna look at this. WordPress has the best Google Adsense optimized themes for sites that include Blogs, Magazines, Bussiness websites 2018 that are extremely helpful for your site.

Best Seo Optimized Wordpress Themes For Blog

These are the best SEO Optimized WordPress themes for Blogs, Magazines, Bussiness websites 2018.

  1. Newspaper Theme

The Newspaper theme is one of the most used seo optimized WordPress theme. Almost 12% of total WordPress websites run on this theme. It provides the simplest UI for a website along with a better interaction. The tags are perfectly lined up above linearly for quick access and drop down menus.

The new posts come up on the first view. The later post that is recently published gets a smaller view place. Along with that, along the graphic list shows up the most popular posts on the site. Scrolling down takes you to the writer’s best picks that include the popular posts. Much of the part of the theme can be cleverly customized. Like placing social media buttons for a quick connection to either Facebook or Twitter. And to receive the latest updates directly there.

  1. Jevelin Theme

The Jevelin theme offers a better Background view of a website. That impresses most of the users with an intuitive high-quality stunning background wallpaper. And it looks great just before all the posts.

Coming to posts, this theme offers a various way of setting it up. You can provide a list of the latest posts in the sideway for a quick access. Along with the editors, best picks can be found near. The javelin theme offers a simple balloon look for the categories lists. These are placed right below the stunning background.

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  1. The Voux Theme

The Voux Theme is one hell of a theme. Along with all the adsense optimized WordPress themes, this is a terrific one. The main feature of the theme is the stylish looking on picture titles of the posts. The website name can be customized to a great deal with a background image on it.

Along with the optimizations, the Voux theme can be a good call for bloggers. It offers quite good SEO ranks along with a highly impressive looking site. If configured properly this can be the best theme for any kind of WordPress site. Whether it’s for a Blog, Construction business or Magazines. The Voux does it all.

  1. The WordX Theme

The WordX theme offers a few customizations steps for the readers too. The posts view up can be organized as a tabular or windowed view or pictured view. The categories go right up to the site. The popular posts group can be customized with a classy portrait featured image. That looks actually stunning.

SEO on the WordX theme is good enough as most of the titles appear on the page. This is used as a good indexing source and can appear better on ranks. Along with rankings, the WordX theme provides a user interaction with more graphic details. Since pictures speak more words than just minimal texts.

  1. Flick Theme

The Flick theme is similar to the stock photo website, Flickr. But you can customize to a completely different site that looks more amazing. As the name suggests, Flick offers high-grade setups and customizations for the photos/featured image. And how they represent the site.

Websites on Flick are mostly Photography and camera review sites. But these have all the controls they need for a better setup of it. The background imaged posts do look incredible, available for a wide range of transparent editing looks.

Mostly photos, but the posts can go up the side. Flick is a very good adsense & seo optimized WordPress theme that does its job well. Most websites use this theme to get high-grade ranks on the search results

  1. Divi Theme

The Divi Theme is another both simple and high grade customizable well adsense optimized WordPress theme. And it speaks for itself. Most of the basic customizations done are incredible enough for attracting tons of readers. The Single color background can be directly used instead of images. Along with a stylish website name, this theme can be used on Bussiness websites, Magazines, Blogs and more.

The Divi Theme does offer an intuitive customization technique for bloggers with pictured categories. Now, this looks amazing, categories along with pictures. Every post can be designed to fit into the site with a unique signature. These appear with a different interface and looks absolutely stunning.

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  1. GoodLife Theme

GoodLife Theme offers a typical adsense optimized WordPress theme along with a high graphics UI. The Main user interaction can be setup using featured images of posts. The Main title of the topic that can be added on it. Similar to the Newspaper theme, but with a more control.

The GoodLife theme customization offers a better placement of the ads along with the customizations. The main UI of the site is not much altered except for the few animating ads. Along with that, either below or above the categories can be placed. With a highly common drop-down menu.

  1. MH Magazine Theme

The MH Magazine theme is a well customized and optimized WordPress theme for Magazines. Completely designed for high-level Magazine readers, this theme is different from others. Along with better SEO and adsense optimizations with better ranking capability.

Categories can be customized in a different way. Most common being the single image grouping. On the side, the popular posts and most trendy posts can be set up simply. Also, if needed a better background can be completely designed for a magazine site. That too a highly professional one.

  1. MagPlus Theme

The Magplus theme is a newly designed WordPress theme for impressing most of the readers. It’s a modern adsense optimized theme along with tons of layouts along with required functionality. Also, this theme can be optimized for a faster loadup.

The most basic of the settings enable you to slide up the trending column aside. Together with the Social media interaction buttons for a quick access. Mostly trending posts can be added in the front of the main page that users can better read. Important posts can be installed above with a better feature image for more focus.

  1. Ramble Theme

If you are looking for another better-featured image theme, the Ramble is your choice. This theme offers a better customization on the pictures (or featured images of the post itself). The categories go up below the main website name. Ramble also offers the owner of the site to set up a high-quality background image beneath the site name.

Themes like Ramble may be mostly Photography websites, but it offers a better SEO too. Although most themes are a bit behind in this case. Ads can be placed well along on the site without altering the beauty. The main user profile can also be set up on the main page aside. This is one of the best features of the Ramble theme.

SEO optimizations can be attained through a correctly chosen theme. WordPress offers a great line of themes that are available for purchases too, at a small cost. And you get the benefits for the price you paid. Themes are much important for websites to be both interactive and get better rankings

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