Top 10 Mistakes of SEO

Top 10 Mistakes of SEO

Top 10 Mistakes of SEO – Search engine optimization

Common Mistakes of SEO

1. Targeting the wrong Keywords

Targeting the wrong Keywords

Many people make Mistakes of SEO and what is worse – even experienced SEO experts. People choose keywords that in their website user search not them. It you can a relationship site you may discover that “relationship guide” does not work for you. You can change the keyword relationship “dating advice” works like a charm.

2. Ignoring the Title tag

Ignoring the Title tag

The very common mistake in SEO that’s wise title tag is empty.Title tag is one of the most important place in keyword, it is not only help in optimization but the text in your <title> tag shows search results as your page title.

3. JavaScript Menus

 JavaScript Menus

JavaScript navigation is not bad as long as you understand that search engines did not read JavaScript and your site’s web pages.

4. ignoring URLs

Many people used how important a good URL is dynamic page names. If you have the same name as of domain name, file name, which part of the URL possible to rank high.

5. Backlink spamming

 Backlink spamming

It is a very common mistake that it more back-links is always better and these webmasters resort to link farms, forum/new group, etc.

6. consistency and maintenance

If you are to be very successful, you need permanently optimize the site, keep an eye the competition and changes in the ranking algorithms of search engines.

7. Using only Images for Headings

Many people think images look better in text for headings and menus. The image can make your site look more attractive terms of SEO images for heading and menus are big mistakes. Tags and menus are very important to SEO items.

8. concentrating too much on meta tags

concentrating too much on meta tags

Many people think SEO is about getting the meta keyword and meta description correct! You can create meta keyword and meta description it is compulsory to rank well.

9. Flash without a HTML alternative

Flash without a html alternative

Search engines can not like Flash sites for a reason – a spider can’t read flash content and therefor can’t index it.

10. keywords in the content

keywords in the content

Focus on your keyword, modify your content and put the keywords it makes sense. It is better to make bold and highlight them.


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