How to use keywords on your website for first page on google

How to use keywords on your website for first page on google

How Search Engines get to know about the keywords being used in your website? for first page on google

Here I am to tell you how search engine ranks your website in view of keywords. Read the below offered article to know more.
The principal thing web index do is it creep around your site and scan for the rehashed words, expressions or words identified with the utilized watchwords. From these keywords Search Engines get to know what your website is about. On the off chance that you don’t utilize appropriate keywords.

Search engine will never get the correct thought about your website and after that it won’t be positioned in Search Engine Results Pages – SERPs. You can utilize Google Web Master Tool to get access of numerous imperative parts of your site.

Where to use keywords in your website? for first page on google

Before start writing your content; first you decide which keywords you want to use in website so that search engine will get the topic of your site. With 3-7 keyword use in your website on a single page.

Write down the content using those keywords. Make sure that the content you write should be unique and valuable for users. Keyword is the most important part of SEO Techniques. Keyword is used to boost traffic on your website.

Let’s see Where to use Keyword in Head Section? for first page on google

Your head section of the page contains three main tags; Title Tag, Meta Tags which contains Meta Description and Meta Content.

Title Tag:

Here use your primary keyword in the beginning of the tag. Do not include ‘a’, ‘of’, ‘for’, ‘and’ in the title tag.

Meta Keywords:

list down the keywords in the meta tag and do not use a single word more than 4 times. For example;
<meta name=”keywords” content=”TemplateTrip, TemplateTrip theme and template”>

Meta Description:

Here in this tag you need to write the content that exactly describes the what the page is about.
<meta name=”description” content=”write your content here.”>

How to use keywords in Body Section?

Let’s start from the top. Write down the heading of the page and use the keywords in the H1 or H2 or H3 tag.
Next is the first paragraph. Use keywords in the paragraph. Then use the keywords in body section.
If you are using images then include alt tag in the image tag.
Use internal links on your website.
This is the way you can use keywords in your website so that you can get the accurate results.


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