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Google launched a “Google Rich Snippet” highlight in their search engine. Which demonstrates additional data in their list items light of data filed from hCard, hReview, hReview total, and hProduct.

As a major aspect of that dispatch Google Rich Snippet reported their help with microformats markup cases. This page reports those cases with revisions and changes.

Google Structured information Helps to support your site activity

Google Rich Snippet most imperative piece of Search Engine Optimization – SEO

9 types of website data with that own web result and contents:

1. About contact information
Increasing contact and long range interpersonal communication data in the body of a site page helps Search Engines better perceive and show your data in list items.

  • people_webmaster
  • peoplecontact data

2. Rich scraps – Products

  • Shopping aggregate pages
  • Multiple Sellers
  • Different prices
  • products result
  • products search result

3. Rich bits – Breadcrumbs
Website admin Tools> Help articles> my webpage and Google> Creating Google--friendly sites

  • Properties
  • Title
  • url
  • child

4. Occasions

Musical Artists: Specify your events to Google

  • Upcomiing Events
  • Upcomiing Events Search result

Rich snippets – Events

  • Event Reult
  • Event search result

5. Rich pieces – Music

  • MusicGroup
  • MusicRecording
  • Name
  • url
  • Length (#Seconds)
  • interactionCount
  • Sound
  • offers
  • List of music on search result

6. Associations
1. Organizations: Specify your client benefit numbers to Google
2. Rich snippets – Organizations
Microdata itemscope

  • itemtype=”
  • itemprop=”address” itemscope itemtype=”
  • itemprop=”streetAddress“, “addressLocality“, “addressRegion“, “telephone“, “url

7. Rich pieces – Recipes

  • Properties
  • photograph
  • prepTime, cookTime, totalTime, or fixings
  • calories
  • survey (settled)
  • Recipies quick content

8. Rich snippets – Review ratings
The most well-known route is to incorporate the rating worked.
Rating: <span class=”rating”>4.5</span>

Sorts of Reviews:

  • Utilizing pictures (stars) to pass on evaluations
  • Increasing a solitary audit
  • Review & Rating on search result

9. Recordings

  • Rich pieces – Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa
  • markup for recordings

– Facebook Share
– Yahoo Search Monkey

Sorts of Methods (Structured Data):

    • Microdata
    • Microformat
    • RDFa

On June 2, 2011, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! declared that they will utilize a standard arrangement of pattern for information markup on pages.

Microdata Properties:

VideoObject, name, duration, thumbnailUrl, contentUrl, embedUrl, uploadDate, expires


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