Top 10 UX Design trends for 2018

Top 10 UX Design trends for 2018

Top 10 UX Design trends for 2018

While designing a website you must always stick to the latest trends and rule of the UX. UX or User Experience is the most important aspect of a mobile application or a web product. The app success mainly depends upon the user experience. With the advancement in technology, there are many new features and methods which can be added to an application to make it more engaging, entertaining and interactive. Your website or mobile application is never going to be successful in 2018 in spite of using the most advanced technology if you will design it without keeping in mind the latest UX trends.

Top 10 UX Design trends which you must follow in 2018 are listed below:

Content-centred Design
A mobile app, as well as web products which focus on the contents rather than anything else, is much more liked by users.  The big part of a design in the year 2018 should be content Centered with easy and fast access to all the information. There is absolutely nothing wrong in creating an amazing interface and adding compatibility feature which enhances the user experience but you should never ignore the Content Experience. Overall a right mix of both is going to work much better.
Medium is a very good example of a website with the content centered design. It is a very simple looking website with almost no animation and all white background. Overall there are no such features that can distract a user.

A design that saves time
In today’s world, everyone wants to get things done in the shortest possible time and it makes a time-saving design app design an absolute necessity.
The interface should be easy to understand with smooth switching between different pages. Adding suggestions in the form of notifications can also help a user to access a feature easily and conveniently.
A great example of a website with straight to point design is Airbnb. This is a very simple website with minimal animations which is designed especially to save the user’s time.

UX Design trends for 2018


Personalized User Experience
A personalized user interface is in great demand in 2018. Providing information to users based on his previous activities, location and interest make him feel that the app is actually designed for him. This develops an emotional attachment of the user to the particular app.
Instant assistance, in-app chat feature, adjustment of font size and it’s colour, Login memory, and monitoring and delivering push notifications when the user is most active are some smart ways which really enhances the user experience.

Augmented Reality
Yes, Augmented Reality can also be used in mobile applications and web products. Nowadays AR is not only limited to high-end mobile games. It is extremely new and an amazing feature for the latest mobile apps and is greatly appealing to the users.
AR is already in use many leading apps. With the help of Augmented reality, you can make the customer or user see what the product would actually look in the real world. This way you can take the user experience to a whole new level. Google Translate is the best example of an application that is making the best use of the Augmented Reality feature. This applicant uses the camera to scan images and can provide you with all the information related to it.

Voice Commands
According to a report by Google most of the mobile search is done through voice feature and it will greatly increase in the upcoming years.
Voice search and commands eliminate the process of typing and are actually a more convenient and saves time. This makes it very popular demand of worldwide users.
Many popular apps like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook have already added the voice command feature. It allows users to get things done more conveniently.

Biometric Authentication
Adding smart security features to an app like fingerprint scans, iris scan, face recognition and voice recognition greatly increase the security and at the same time boosts the end user experience.
Replacing the traditional login process by typing username and password can be replaced by the use of biometrics. This saves the user from the task of remembering passwords.
Apple facial recognition system is a great example of such applications. With the help of Apple Face ID, a user can access all the Apple content with just a glance of their face.

UX Design trends for 2018

Reducing annoying features
Frustrating features should be avoided at all cost. It makes the user irritated. Irregular pop-ups and useless ads are among those things which are most hated by the peoples. Annoying ads almost destroys the user experience by distracting the users.
There is nothing wrong if your website or mobile application contains ads but it must be somehow related to your website or the information it provides. They must also appear occasionally and not every second with an option to skip it.

Seamless Interface
Who doesn’t like using a fast working app with a seamless interface and smooth switching between the different pages?
Some popular websites are nowadays using a design in which all the information and contents are provided on the main page or home page which can be loaded instantly without any kind of transitions. This way there is no need to leave the homepage every time.
Google is a perfect example of a seamless website with easy to use interface which is the main reason behind its immense popularity.

Using videos and images
Using high-quality images and video on App and website makes the content more engaging and eye-catching. It is proven that a website containing videos and images attract more number of visitors in comparison to those who don’t. But you need to be very careful while choosing them as their tone must match with the tone of your app or website so that they can complement each other and makes your website appealing to its targeted users.

Last but not the least typography is yet another important and popular UX trend. Using big headline different font sizes for subheadings and titles. Adding smooth animations to it makes it even better and beautiful.

UX Design trends for 2018


These trends must be followed when designing a web product or a mobile application. However, combining all these trends or feature in a single application is not an easy task and it should be left to professionals only. An iOS App development website or company will be the perfect choice for you. They are experts who will surely help you design a perfect app of your dreams teamed up with all the advanced features.


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