How to increase Instagram followers in 2018?

How to increase Instagram followers in 2018?

How to increase Instagram follower’s in 2018? {updated}

Instagram is social networking app made sharing text, image & videos with your smartphones to your followers. just like facebook and twitter.
Instagram is not only for fun but it has become a serious digital marketing platform, building audience for individuals and brands.
Big companies like Starbucks, Intel, American express, Audi, redbull etc. use Instagram for promoting their brands.
A research says that an average Instagram engagement in 2014 for brands was 58 times higher than facebook.
For sure, 58 time more engagement sounds great, bat to gain this you have to do lot more hard work as competition is increasing day by day.

If you want to get more follower on Instagram this year, then just follow all this steps.

1] Cross Promote your hash tags ?

That’s nice if you are using #Fairbeautytips if you company name is Fair Beauty Tips. But who knows to use it to share count about your company? Make sure you are using brand hash tag in your profile.
Now coming back to cross promote, use famous brands hash tags similar to your brand or you can use viral hash tags. This will bring you brand in search, from there you can increase Instagram followers.

how to increase instagram followers 2018

2] Get Descriptive with your caption

A photo worth more than thousand words, but you can’t skip it entirely. Caption helps in describing your picture to get more engagement. so you should write a caption describing about your picture along with your brand, this strategy will increase your Instagram followers.

how to increase instagram followers 2018

3] Remove unwanted tags from your profile

If you really want to increase Instagram followers than remove unwanted tags to show your followers best user generated content about you and your brand. you can do it now in easy way go to “Edit Tags” and select the one you want to remove and choose “Hide From Profile”

4] Approve photo tags before showing on your profile

Instead of removing unwanted photo tags from your profile, allow only particulars photo tags that you want. you can do by your own ” Go in Instagram Setting > “Options”>”Photos of you”>”Add Manually”

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5] Make most of your bio URL

In Instagram there is the option of Bio. its the only place where you can place your website URL, so you should make maximum of it. using this option you can draw maximum traffic to your website , don’t forget to change this link or URL  weekly,  User seeing the same URL becomes boring for them. So put the newly posted articles URL in bio. apart from this write brief description describing about you or your brand.

how to increase instagram followers 2018

6] Participating in massively popular conversations

There are lots of big Instagram user with million of follower. try to participate or comment on their photos so to increase your brand awareness with the people participating in that conversation

7] Daily update your Instagram story with quality content

In order to increase your Instagram follower you should daily update your Instagram stories with great piece of content this helps in getting attention of Instagram users and turns viewers into new followers.

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8] Add Hash Tag & Location in your Instagram stories.

Try to add popular or related hash tag and location on your Instagram stories. you can easily add location sticker and the location easily. location help in your story to come in search if some one search for particular location.


9] Regular check your competitor

To out rank your competitor’s you should check your competitors, what new strategies they are implementing to get follower, you can also follow their strategy. one thing you can do is you can visit their profile and click on turn on post notification. Due to this you will get notification whenever your competitor share new content.

10] Develop your own style on Instagram

Try to crate your own style on Instagram. users like to see unique quality content, brand called coco-cola has created its own unique visual content . its easily recognizable every time a user sees coco-cola in their feed, they check it out.

how to increase instagram followers 2018

11] Create Business Profile

If you have a business and want to promote then create a business profile. Before Instagram business profile were rolled out, The only way that follower could engage with your business was to click on the website link in profile
Business account helps you to showcase your brand, once you provide your business details, A contact button will appear in your profile. user will simply can click that button and choose wheather they want you to call or email or find your location.


If you follow all this steps then definitely you will increase Instagram follower.


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