How to Change Your Brand’s Perception Through Content Marketing

How to Change Your Brand’s Perception Through Content Marketing

How to Change Your Brand’s Perception Through Content Marketing

According to a branding mastermind named Walter Landor, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” It is important for a starting company to plan for the image you want your audiences to see when they cross paths with your brand. It is easy to know about the value of your products and services. However, the perceptions of your consumers determine the real value of your brand in your respective industry. It is Content Marketing the King.

Your brand’s image can be manipulated through your content marketing strategies, so here are tips that you can consider in your marketing plans that can go a long way in building a reputable and compelling image towards your audience.

Advantages of Good Branding

Building a good brand together with a sound social media strategy will determine your place in the market. This will be the deciding factor in how your customers think about your organization when your brand comes into their minds. Some well-known companies with good branding are Apple, Microsoft, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Through good branding, a business can get benefits that could increase their equity from:

● Business visibility
● Trustworthy company
● Reputable image
● Customer contentment

Having a strong branding can easily give you recognition from your customers since most customers are more likely to purchase a product of a brand that they are aware of instead of something unfamiliar. Some brands charge more because of this advantage.

The benefits of companies with strong brand equity, like Apple, because they can boost their profits and sales through higher price points with their willing-to-pay consumers.

Lastly, a strong branding can give you loyalty to your customers. Build a brand that shares the same values as your customers, so you can build an emotional connection among your audiences, which can benefit you in the long run.

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Tell your Message

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Walt Disney’s Brand Message: ”Creating Happiness through magical experiences”

In telling your brand’s story, you should know where and how you would produce your message. You must look into your customer’s demographics and psychographics for you to know where and how you should post your content. Building your brand’s value means knowing every bit of information about your target audience to maximize your brand’s potential to them. For example, Nike has the slogan “Just Do It”, which makes sense because Nike has workout and sporting gear as their products. It will not make sense if Nike is selling skin care products.

It is very important to know what channel your target audiences are using to know where you will post content for them to see. If they are mostly using social media, you should consider posting them there. Also, you should frame the message of your content based on what marketing channel your customers are. For example, if your audiences are on Instagram. that is important to create fascinating visual elements for your content to stand out. Instagram needs visual content every time you post. here’s a link to stock photo resources you can use in making visual materials.

Revamp Inside and Out

A basic aim of your brand is to stand out among other well-known brands in the marketplace. You can achieve this by not only building the best image for your audiences but also by giving exemplary customer service, and keeping your employees satisfied in their workplace.

Start building your brand from your customers. You should have the best regard for the customers because it can strengthen the whole image of your company. It will be like a ripple effect in the river because giving a strong and firm image and service to your customers will resonate outside and will establish your branding even better. Aim always for the best customer experience and make it as step number 1 in building your brand.

Capitalize on Social Media

After creating the message for your audiences, you should now plan how to strategize your content for better results. First, you should know the proper timing to post your content. You can base this from your audience’s peak times and days when they are online for them to see your content. If you are exercising this on Facebook,

content marketing strategies

Second, knowing your audience’s demographic and psychographic profile will help you a lot in creating tailor fit materials for them. For example, you can connect to the millennial age group by practicing the same values they believe in. Studies show that a big majority of the millennials says, that it is important that brands should practice the same values, style, and personality.

Lastly, producing a unique campaign idea will automatically boost your branding image because new is always better in the eyes of your customers. For example, Spotify used user data in making a campaign where a user can know what his/her most played songs, artists, albums are. Usually, many campaign makers would use data to know what to communicate. However, Spotify used the data itself as the main element of the campaign instead. That is why Content marketing is important for all brands.

Foresee Opportunities

Your brand’s success today may turn upside down anytime due to unforeseen circumstances. You should always be wary of the current situation of your business beyond the branding. Look at the situation of your customers and build a great relationship with them. These opportunities for building a relationship with them will greatly decrease the chances of disrupting your brand.

You should always value them as the main factor of why your brand is a success. One example is always communicating with your customers by sending newsletters about your brand and possible new offers to them. Remember to instill their trust in you. Lastly, do not forget always to regard their feedback in your business’ system. As the old saying goes “the customer is always right.”

Having a good product or service is not enough for your brand to rise to the top. Alongside that, your brand should also project a good image to keep your customers loyal and to widen your reach.

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