How to Install Prestashop Theme for Your Ecommerce

How to Install Prestashop Theme for Your Ecommerce

A free, open-source, feature-rich platform is always desirable to launch a digital store. While searching for open-source platforms, you will find PrestaShop as the most reliable one. It is good to choose Prestashop to build your eCommerce website. But some users have confused about how to build a store with Prestashop. Several eCommerce business owners have chosen PrestaShop to design their e-stores. Here you can read How to Install Prestashop Theme in 2021.

Due to one-click hosting and easy setup, PrestaShop has become the best choice for beginners. Still, the novices have one common question- How should we install the PrestaShop theme?

Before talking about the theme installation process, it is better to know the way of choosing the best eCommerce theme.

How should you select an eCommerce website theme?

The eCommerce theme selection may be confusing. However, it is important to ensure that the theme represents your business and brand identity. The best theme has a minimalistic design with features relevant to your website. There is no need to choose a complicated design.

Check the functionality and design while deciding on the theme. The best theme makes your products more noticeable to your potential customers. You must focus on these factors while choosing PrestaShop themes.

Should you choose PrestaShop 1.7?

You can upgrade your digital store from PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7. You can easily migrate your platform without affecting your store’s data. PrestaShop has added several new features to the latest version. It helps in creating your web pages and adding products very fast. Moreover, the latest features available with it are Stripe, PayPal, and Facebook integration. That is why you will find it advantageous for your e-store.

Steps for installing your PrestaShop Theme

  1. Open the PrestaShop admin panel and choose the Design option. You can find the Logo and Theme section. 
  2. Click the button for adding a new theme.
  3. Choose the Add File option. It will help in importing a theme from the device. The template package has the themeinstallator folder. Next, you have to access the file and then save what you have done.
  4. The uploaded theme will be visible from the back-end of the design. Start scrolling down to find your theme for your store. Hit the theme button and activate the theme.

Steps for importing the data

There is a Sample Data Install option from the admin panel. In addition, you can find the Import Data button in this section. 

Move your files from your sample data folder.

  • There will be a popup window providing you with the sample data installation types.
  • Your store will receive sample data. Hit the Confirm button. 
  • While you do not like the sample data installation, you can uncheck the box adjacent to the Load All Content. 
  • Make sure that you have uploaded the files successfully, 
  • Press the button- Continue Install.

The best fact is that Sample Data Installer helps in the automatic configuration of your digital store.  However, it may take much time to do it.

After installing the sample data, you may start the image regeneration process. You can find a button for regenerating the page. Hit the button- Regenerate thumbnails, and refresh the homepage.

PrestaShop 1.7 Dashboard

The dashboard of the admin panel is intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily understand the functionalities and navigation. However, the navigation is not different from that of the older versions. There is a search field helping you to search the content. The personal menu and the View My Shop option will be easily accessible to you. The Bell icon indicates notifications about messages and orders.

You can visit the Configure group that comprises Advanced and Shop Parameters. You can configure your digital store in different ways. The shop parameters are about the Brands and Main Shop Activity. Similarly, there are Advanced parameters to deal with the technical features of your store.

Overall, it can be said that PrestaShop presents you with a range of themes. You have to find one which is perfect for your online store. It is easy to work with PrestaShop 1.7 themes. You need a few minutes to install a theme for your eCommerce website.

With a number of clicks, you can create a perfect store. Do not think that the updated version is complicated. You can Install the Prestashop theme and launch your business without high professional skills. Check out the available themes for your PrestaShop website. You can find the right one and install it now.

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