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How to Increase Traffic on your Website?

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website?

Increase Traffic on your Website through SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

You can Increase Traffic on your Website with the help of SEO. If you have any youtube channel or websites and you are not happy with traffic it gets? in these kinds of situations, one thing will help you to get traffic to your website or video that is SEO. Read the below-given article to know where to use SEO.

How To Increase Traffic On Website?

Three ways to get increase traffic on your website or views on your video.

  • First is just to share the video or link of your website to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. In this method, you will get views or traffic based on the number of your friends, followers and contact numbers you have.
  • Second is you can advertise your product using the advertisement feature of Google, Facebook or any other available Advertisement tools. This method is quite expensive. You have to pay to promote your product.
  • Third is Organic Search. You can get millions of views on your video or traffic on your website using this method that too free of cost and Increase Traffic on your Website.

Let’s see how this Organic Search works?

For example; whenever people want to search for anything over the internet, generally they go to or any other search engine such as,, and type the keyword in the search panel. The keyword is the word being typed in the search bar and then according to the typed keyword, Google will list down the result.
How Google will list down this result? Here at this point, you will need SEO. SEO is used to optimize Search Engine so that the website we have made the show in the list of Google Result at the top page.
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