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Google Webmaster Tools in SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools In Seo - Search Engine Optimization

What Is Google Webmaster Tools?

It is very difficult the name itself that “google webmaster tools” is a set of tools for Webmaster. The right way this is a very useful tool that allows you to communicate with Google and adjust many more aspects of how Google sees your website, and create a list of internal and external links to your website. The crawl rate at google bot indexes your site and check the keywords users type to land your site.

How do I get started?

Google Webmaster Tools, you just join it first. You can do it from here. After you join, you need verification process, that Google knows you are the owner of the site that’s for you want to use it on.
If your all process complete, your first one is to download an HTML file and upload the root directory of your site. Add an HTML tag for your main page.

Google Webmaster Tools to Use Daily

If you verified your ownership and have Google code on your site, so you can start the benefits of Google Webmaster Tools.
Here you can access all the major sections

Google Webmaster Tools

Search Queries:

The Search Queries section shows the keywords led users to your site.


The second very useful section your website, where your backlinks (internal and external) come from, well as the pages they linking to. This list of backlinks is useful to check for time to time.

Crawl Errors:

The crawl errors show all the pages, missing pages, server errors, and all sorts of problems that prevented Google from crawling your site.


The search queries section that deals with the keywords section. The two list of keywords users type and keywords Google finds on your site.


Sitemap that last section in the dashboard. It is found number of URLs in them.

Robots.txt and Other:

Robots.txt section is basic  Webmaster Tools sections. You can use Webmaster Tools to submit a robots.txt file or to set the preferred domain syntax to be displayed in search results.

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