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Free Web Tools

Free Web Tools

Free Web Tools

Web tools can joint one or more tools use input data entered in a client application, process it, and return result in the form of feature, maps, reports, or files. It is allow web developers to test and debug their code.

HTTP Header Check

This administration will enable you to assess the HTTP headers that the web server returns while asking for a page/record.Http Header Check

Who is Lookup

Intense space and IP who is query.

IP to City

This devices causes you decide the Country, City, Latitude and Longitude of an IP Address..Ip-Address City

Domain Age Tool

This apparatuses shows the surmised age of a site on the Internet and enables you to see how the site looked when it initially began. It likewise encourages you discover the age of your rival’s spaces, more established areas may get a slight edge in Search Engine Rankings.

Domain Age Tool

Check Domain Hosting

Discover who is Hosting a Domain

Domain Hosting Tool

Online MD 5 Generator

This is a basic instrument that processes the MD 5 hash of a string

Online Md 5 Generator

Online URL Encoder

URL encode changes over characters into a configuration that can be transmitted over the internet.

Online Url Encoder -Decoder

Online URL Decoder

URL encoding changes over characters into an arrangement that can be transmitted over the Internet. This instrument changes over the encoded URL back to the first.

Google Malware Check Tool

This online instrument causes you to discover whether Google has recorded the site space as suspicious or not. Google Malware Check device gives the security warning to shield site guests from unsafe sites.

Google Malware Check Tool

Document Search Engine

This apparatuses causes you find specific records on the web. You can enter a correct filename. Incomplete filename you will be displayed a rundown of urls through which you can download the predefined record.Document Search Engine

Screen Resolution Simulator

Recreates your page in various screen resolutions.

Screen Resolution Simulator

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