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10 Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools

10 Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools

It’s inspiring to create your own website, but it requires sincerity and hard work. One of the best tools that you need to use for better web design is WordPress. It doesn’t really matter what profession is into. Whether you’re a blogger or a businessman – it is a user-friendly platform around to help you grow your business online, create content, and share it with the audience all over the world. Here we are discussing about Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools.

Did you know that there are 55,900 WordPress plugins (as of mid-2018) at your disposal? And with the help of these, you can attract massive amounts of traffic for your business which in turn would help you make a profit?

Initially, using these tools may get a bit complex, but once you are adept with this, it will all be a piece of cake for you.
So, let’s delve deep into some of the great WordPress marketing tools that you should have to grow in your professional space:

1. Mobile-responsive WordPress themes – Keeping the mobile-first Google algorithm in mind, it is essential to have a web design that is mobile-friendly. Sort out some great premium themes which are optimized for mobile. You will surely land on the right one with some research. You can also use various other online tools like Designhill for graphics design and various other web design services to build your own WordPress themes.

10 Most Powerful Wordpress Marketing Tools

2. WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization – The next would be to optimize all the images on your site because heavy images take a longer time to load. And Google gives more priority to the speed of the site, so you need to make sure your site loads faster. So make use of the WP Smush Image Compression to reduce the size of your files.
3. SEO Yoast – Another important thing to get your site more traffic is search engine optimization or simply known as SEO. It requires the correct usage of keywords in your title, body and Meta description. SEO Yoast plug-in is one tool that will go a long way to help you gain better traffic.

10 Most Powerful Wordpress Marketing Tools

4. XML Sitemap Generator– You need to make an XML sitemap to help you get a good rank for your site. Now how do the search engines do that? It does by indexing your blog to rank your site. The great thing about WordPress is that it creates a sitemap. Of course, this does not mean that your site is fully optimized, but you will now be aware of all your indexed pages and so will Google which will eventually improve your rank.

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5. Broken Link Checker– Google’s algorithm ensures that they do not take any broken links, so be aware if you have any of it in your site. Just download a Broken Link Checker plug-in and check if you have any. If there’s any, get it fixed right away so that no problems are created. Just go to the dashboard, and you would be able to edit the links from there easily.
6. All in One Schema Rich Snippets – A great method to increase your search traffic is by creating Rich Snippets. This is supposed to be one of the most appropriate methods to generate some reasonable amount of traffic, so do a bit of research on this before using it.
7. Page Builder by SiteOrigin – One of the great ways to launch your product is to get an amazing sales landing page. For that, you could probably use Page Builder by SiteOrigin, which is a great tool to help you with this. The interface is exceptionally user-friendly. Trust us; you would be able to understand this pretty easy tool as there is no technical expertise needed.
8. Editorial Calendar – We suggest that you should use some robust tools to help you while creating and optimizing your posts. An Editorial Calendar is one such tool to help you organize your content well. See and manage all your posts in one place without hopping from one location to another.
9. Syndicate Press – Always make sure that your content is not plagiarized. The reason behind is the same that Google does not allow any duplicate content. Try to get your content on the syndicate channels with the help of Syndicate Press, which would help you out with this up to a great deal.
10. Trend Watch – Lastly, the content should be relevant enough to influence your audience. See what topics are trending and try creating content around those. Hootsuite is a great site to help you find current topics. Apart from this, it would also give you a great chance to preview URLs, so that you can check the images and texts which would appear when someone shares your post.

Therefore, I suggest you give these great tips and Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools a try in order to achieve better traffic on your WordPress website. If you have any doubts related to this then don’t forget to ask it in the comment box below.


Author Bio: Laura is a Marketing Manager at Web Digify. She is a resident of the UK . Laura is also experienced in Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO. She also likes to share her thoughts, Scope of Digital Marketing and Web Development Techniques.

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